Condemnation: “We operate a business adjacent to Red Bud Road in Gordon County.  The Georgia Department of Transportation condemned a strip of land for widening of the road.  We hired a large, multi-city law firm to represent us and paid them hourly for their services.  We were getting nowhere until a friend recommended a visit with Coppedge & Associates in Dalton.  Due to his prior experience in condemnation work representing the Georgia DOT, Mr. Coppedge immediately recognized the issues involved, arranged for an appropriate appraisal which resulted in a prompt mediated confidential settlement to our satisfaction.  I would recommend his firm in any condemnation matter. - D.H., Gordon County, GA

Condemnation: “My family operates a shopping center in Catoosa County, Georgia near the Tennessee state line on Cloud Springs Road at I-75.  The Georgia Department of Transportation widened Cloud Springs Road and interfered with our parking and access.  They offered $660,000.  Coppedge & Associates took our case on a contingent fee basis where they charged no fee on the amount the DOT had offered.  We settled our case for $2.2 million.  This law firm knows what they are doing in condemnation cases. - K.D., Catoosa County, GA

Condemnation: “I am a business man who operated several hotels near I-75 in northwest Georgia.  The Georgia Department of Transportation took a strip of land adjacent to one of my hotels.  The result was that we did not have enough land left to continue to use the hotel swimming pool or to have adjacent parking to comply with our franchise agreement of City ordinances.  The DOT offered $440,000.  We hired Coppedge & Associates to represent our business.  Our lawyers recommended that we request a special assessor’s hearing which resulted in a $1,700,000 award which, together with subsequent court proceedings added an additional  $300,000+ to our recovery, for a total of more that $2,000,000. - N.P., Catoosa County, GA

Condemnation: “We operate several businesses near the intersection of I-75 and Red Bud Road in Gordon County, Georgia, including fuel service center, a Subway restaurant, a convenience and package store, and an Arby’s restaurant.  After a prior experience where we had hired Coppedge & Associates to represent us in a vacant land condemnation case at S.R. 53 and McDaniel Station Road in Gordon County which had been successfully settled, we hired this law firm to represent us in the commercial condemnation.  We conducted a special assessor hearing and increased the DOT’s award from $1,500,000 to over $2,000,000.  They also helped us settle another fast food service tract by negotiating a change in plans with the DOT so that we could continue to have adequate ingress and egress to and from our property. - P.B, Gordon County, GA

Condemnation: ”As an architect I have worked with Coppedge & Associates on multiple condemnation parking re-design problems for shopping centers, a church, and a conversion and customizing business.  Perhaps the most interesting involved a truck wash in Catoosa County, Georgia on U.S. Highway 41 and I-75. - G.S., Dalton, GA

Medical Malpractice: “I have a friend who was severely injured in an automobile accident which left him paralyzed in his legs.  After undergoing surgery to stabilize his injuries, he was paralyzed not only in his legs, but also in his arms.  He hired Coppedge & Associates to represent him and because of his condition, I had power of attorney to help him.  The lawyers have assisted us in obtaining a confidential settlement which has provided funds for my friend to leave the nursing home after approximately two years, remodel his home and obtain a van and equipment to make his life easier, and enable him to return to his own home.  This firm has worked with us not only in obtaining the settlement, but also in creating trusts, obtaining government benefits, and protecting social security and long-term income.  Not only did they do a good job as lawyers, they were caring and compassionate. - M.H., Dalton, GA

Medical Malpractice: “I am a local attorney in Cohutta, Georgia.  I have had medical malpractice cases where Mr. Coppedge represented the defendant insurance company, and I have had a medical malpractice case where I was able to associate him in the representation of a lady whose young husband died as a result of medical negligence by a cardiologist.  In this relationship, I continued to have primary responsibility for client contact while Coppedge & Associates handled technical medical negligence issues.  Their experience in medical malpractice cases has provided them with a broad range of knowledge and resources.  As a trial lawyer, I would not hesitate to recommend this firm or to work with them again. - C.J., Cohutta, GA

Medical Malpractice:  “My wife was misdiagnosed with pneumonia when she was suffering from a pulmonary embolism.  After struggling to survive for several days, she died from the embolism.  Coppedge & Associates represented me and my teenage children in the successful settlement of medical negligence claims.  During their representation, they were skillful and showed that they cared about me and my family. - T.D, Dalton, GA

Medical Malpractice:  “My husband fell and hit his head in an accident, he later passed away.  He went to the hospital and was misdiagnosed.  I went to our local lawyer who represented us in real estate and small business matters, and he associated Warren Coppedge at Coppedge & Associates to represent me against several physicians who perpetrated the misdiagnoses of traumatic meningitis.  The case was settled for the exact amount which we demanded.

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